Last Week at Fjordane

I am terribly sorry it has taken me this long to write another post, i have been extremely busy learn how to adult and circus  at the same time. Anyway here is a short summary of what happened this week. Last Friday we had a surprise breakfast (a fancy breakfast set up by the teachers). On the way in to the main entrance of there were little lanterns and candles lighting the way, the dinning hall was as candle lit with all of the plates and silverware already set out (this is atypical) and a fancy spread of meats and cheeses and condiments. This Tuesday the entire school took a day of to go on a hike.  There were a few different hikes we could take that all started from the same place. Quite a few people went on the long 12.5 km hike all the way to the top, however Katrina (my hiking partner) and I decided that the first 1.5 km straight up were plenty, considering we still had some pretty great views. Although I misplaced my camera on the way up, someone we met coming down had found it and brought it with. I have to credit Katrina with taking most of the photos (I took about two or three towards the end), I will add them all to flickr. The last bit of interesting news I have for now is that despite not celebrating thanksgiving, we are celebrating Wolfenoot, a holiday created by a kid in New Zealand celebrating wolves and dogs.